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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash,BitcoinCash & Dogecoin for Free Through Mining

There is no doubt about the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Dash Bitcoincash has made so many people millionaires over the last few months with the global increase in price of these digital assets. If you are new to cyrptocurrencies, read Introduction to Cyrptocurrencies for better understanding of the crypto world.
People have been making money through the buying and selling of these coins. Some buy at cheap rate and later sell at high rate and make extra profit. Some also buy and hold for some time, maybe one or two years for the coin to appreciate more and sell at very high price.
For example, a single bitcoin December, 2017 sold for $20,000 for 1btc and it still has the capacity to increase more than that as well as the other coins.

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What I will be teaching you today is how to make extra money by mining of cryptocurrencies for free. All you need is just your phone or PC, your usual data and patience.

Note that this is not a Get Rich Quick Method as it takes time for the mined coins to be accumulated into sell-able coins and it takes consistency as you need to keep mining daily so as to reach a target you must have set for yourself.

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Benefits of Free Mining

* Zero Investment
* Zero Risk
* Free Earnings
With this mining, you do not have to worry about buying cryptocurrenciesas everything is for free.
Just carefully follow the following procedures to start making money through cryptocurrency.

This method of mining involves visiting some sites (harmless sites as they do not compromise the security of your device) , completing very simple captchas and you will be rewarded with free coins which will be going directly into your Coinpot.
We will be talking about two micro-wallets but we will take one first which is Coinpot.  

Coinpot is a micro-wallet wallet that you can use to hold your coins and later withdraw from it once you have reached a withdrawal able level.This is where your earnings will be deposit.

Go to coinpot.co to register with a valid email and confirm the registration link that will be sent your email. Once you do that, log in to your coinpot account with that same email address and make sure to keep your password safe to avoid illegal and unauthorized transfer or withdrawal of your coin.
Once you register, your dashboard will look like this-

All the coins will read 0.00000000 till you start claiming from the listed below sites for each of the five coins available under Coinpot.

Now to start claiming free coins, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoincash, Dogecoin, Litecoin.

Click on the following links and LOGIN/REGISTER with same COINPOT email where require.

You can also check the Minimum Withdrawable Amount of Bitcoin from Coinpot


-To mine free BITCOIN from "MOONBIT" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link  
-To mine free BITCOIN from "BITFUN" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use this link   
Click here
-To mine free BITCOIN from "BONUS BITCOIN" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use this link  and make sure you claim this one every 15minutes 

NOTE: Mining bitcoin from above site at same time into your COINPOT ACCOUNT gives you the privilege to triple your bitcoin growth rapidly

 To mine free LITECOIN from "MOONLITE" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

 -To mine free DOGECOIN from "MOONDOGE" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

 -To mine free DASHCOIN from "MOONDASH" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

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 -To mine free DASHCOIN from "MOONDASH" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link 

Please note that all claimed coins will be going directly into your Coinpot Account. 

You can always visit Coinmarket to see each coin and its latest price on global exchange.

Happy Mining!!!
Feel free to drop your comments.

DogeMiner - Mine and Earn free Dogecoin

Introduction to Cryptocurriences

You must have been hearing the word "cryptocurrencies" for some time now, however it should not amaze you too much to discover that digital currencies also referred to as cryptocurrencies has been around for a long time.

As a basic knowledge, a cryptocurrency according to Wikipedia is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets which are fetching people money everyday, however, you have to under the peculiarities involved in crypto as it is not the regular way of financial transactions and it involves some technicalities which with time and proper research can be achieved.

In fact, Bitcoin was the first decentralized cyrptocurrency. Bitcoin was created in the year 2009.

So, ever since the creation of crytocurrencies and Bitcoin as the first, the world has woken up to the many potentials of these digital assets. One of the significant beauty of these coins is that, in most countries it is not taxable as the coins are not held by banks but by wallets which only the user has the full has the access to send or receive with it.

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It is the inability of most countries to tax owners of these coins that has made them put up measures to discourage their citizens but that does not stop these coins from growing as more digital currencies are being launched daily.

Today, so many people are now investing in cryptocurrencies by buying at cheap rate and selling later at higher rates, also by investing in online businesses and eventually making mouth-watering profits while some mine cryptocurrencies.

Many are now waking up to full opportunities of cryptocurrencies as a wise and lucrative online investment that yields profit exponentially.You can as well learn how to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin and
other coins by clicking this link Earn Free Bitcoin and Litecoin

Electronic money exchangers listing

It will also interest you to know that some company and agencies are now allowing for digital currencies to be allowed for exchange of goods and services.

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies today is a wise business move!

DogeMiner - Mine and Earn free Dogecoin

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