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Friday, January 26, 2018

Minimum Withdrawable Amount of Bitcoin & Other Coins from Coinpot

Recently. I introduced a detailed procedure on how to get free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Dash and Dogecoin for free as you do not need to pay anyone for anything neither do you need to download any pdf.
However, if you are yet to learn about the detailed and well explained process of getting these coins for free, I will suggest you click on How to Get Free Bitcoin and Others

For those who have been mining and getting the coins for free, these are the minimum withdrawable amount for each of the coin. What this mean is that you can start withdrawing each of coin from amount listed below in to your external wallet which you can use to sell your coin and make money.

You can get your external wallets for each coin by downloading Coinomi app from Google Playstore. I have been using it for sometime and it has been serving me well or you can gte any other wallet to keep your coins.

You have to keep this at the back of your mind as you are mining but I will recommend you mine above the listed below thresholds so as to get meaningful and sellable amount of coins.

Bitcoin           0.00025
Litecoin         0.002
Dash               0.0002
Doge               50.0
Bitcoincash    0.0001

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I will also advice you to set a target for the mining. If it is Litecoin you want to direct your energy to as to get 1ltc withing a short period of time , do that and remember you can always convert any of your coin to another so as up with the target you set for yourself.

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