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Saturday, March 17, 2018

How To Convert Your Satoshi To USD and Others

Recently, I introduced to you how to make money just by inviting your friends to visit and transact on a popular e-currency monitoring service called BestChange. The platform is good for earning passively whether you are student or not as long as you are a cryptocurrency expert, investor, blogger or enthusiast. To read how to earn from this, click here to read more.

Today, I want to talk about how you can easily check the value of your satoshi in USD through BestChange. The site has an embedded converter for converting one e-currency to another as well as knowing its value in USD and other fiat/e-currency.

Aside the fact that you can easily monitor the latest prices of the BTC and major alt coins, you can equally see the breakdown of any of these coins in satoshi value and USD. Read the steps below to know how to navigate the website.


Go to BestChange.com, once you get to the official website, go to the bottom section at the right-hand side as shown in the below page, you will see Converter click on it. You will be directed to the conversion page.


Once you get to the conversion page,you will see that it is many options to check your favorite coin and its value in USD and Satoshi and currencies. For example, I will be using BTC. In the below image, you will see where I clicked on BTC, you may can do that for other coins as well as you can see that there is a drop-down list for all the coins. If you check the second box, you can see the current value of 1 BTC in Satoshi. You can also type digits less than 1, such as 0.0001 and you will get the USD value instantly.Very easy. The website will automatically convert the unit of 1BTC to Satoshi.


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Just like I did in the previous step, I decided to check the current value of 1 BTC in USD and you can see what it gave me in the second box. You can decide to know what 1 BTC will give you in LTC or other coins by clicking on the preferred currency in the drop-down list you can see in the image below.


 So guys, that is how to convert your satoshi and know its value in USD and other currency and this is made possible by BestChange.

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