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Saturday, April 07, 2018

How To Create A Bitcoin Wallet Succesfully On Blockchain

Just like a regular account that is used for easy transactions in fiat/regularly currencies, so also is the need to have a working, efficient and simple to use cryptocurrency wallet. A crypto wallet is used for storing, sending and receiving of a cryptocurrency.
Since the advent of crypto and the boom of Bitcoin in particular, there has been a huge demand for a safe “haven” for storing of crypto to enable users to transfer easily as well as receive comfortably. This has therefore led to an exponential demand for crypto wallet.
Today, I will discuss with us how to easily open a blockchain wallet where you can comfortably store three of the major cryptocurrencies of today. With the user-friendly interface of blockchain.info wallet, you can send and receive Bitcoin, Bitcoinash and Ethereum.

Opening a blockchain wallet gives you a lot unrestricted access to your funds and one thing I have discovered with both receiving and sending on blockchain.info wallet is that the transfers are always fast with a relatively cheap transaction fees compared to others. One of the reasons I love this wallet is that you are not charged for receiving Bitcoin, only when you send that you will be charged a transaction fee. However, the fee is not stable and is determined by the network.

To create a blockchain wallet, follow the bellow procedures;

-  Go to Blockchain.info and you will be taken to the official website. Make sure you check the address and it shows https://blockchain.info at the address bar so as to avoid scam sites.

- Once you get to the official website, at the top right section, you will see a link that says GET A FREE WALLET, click on the link and you will directed to the registration page where you will fill in your email address and a password. Make sure your password is very strong containing letters and figures to avoid the hacking of your wallet and unauthorized access to your funds.

- Once you have successful created an account, an email containing your wallet just like the image below will be sent to the email address you used during registration. Go to the email address, and copy your WALLET ID which is always mixture of letters and figures.

- Go back to the blockchain.info, click on log in. On the log in page, paste your WALLET ID that you copied from your email, put in the password you used during registration and voila! You have successful created and log into your wallet created on the blockchain.info which you can use to receive, send as well as receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoincash.

Once you log in, you see your balance of all your coins just like the image. At the left-hand section of your dashboard, you will see other functions you can explore.

Do ensure you copy your back-up phrase somewhere safe because you will need it to log in case you forget your password. You can as well write down your Wallet ID and Password and KEEP IT SAFE where no one will have access to it except you.

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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin Succesfully With Your Luno App

Hi everyone, today I want to share how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly with your local bank account and your Btc or Eth will be credited instantly in your Bitcoin Wallet that will be provided by the app Luno.

Luno is a cryptocurrency merchant that has been around since 2013 and offers their users procedures to buy btc and ethereum through simplified ways which very few trusted merchants can offer. Ok, I will do a breakdown of the services and offers the company offer that I have discovered as result of my experience with them. With Luno, you can get the following;

- Buy/deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum successfully with your local bank account and its more simplified for Gt Bank users who can buy with GT Collections directly from their GT Bank Mobile App or you can link your card and buy with the PayU Debit and Credit Card option.

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-  You can sell/withdraw your  Bitcoin and Ethereum directly to your Bank details you have registered with the platform. Once you request for a withdrawal, it will be processed to your bank and the final payment to your account will depend on your bank. Well, I have not experienced any challenges with my withdrawal especially into my Access Bank.

- You can also transfer btc or eth from your Luno account to other wallets as you will be given your wallet  which you can also send to others so that you receive btc and eth.

- You can also deposit Nigerian Naira into your account depending on when you intend to buy your desired crypto. 

- You can also convert your eth to btc and vice-versa within your account.

- You also have the option to add more than one Bank account for easy deposit and withdrawal into your local bank account.

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-  You can download the Luno app for on your mobile device through Applestore and Google Playstore for easy monitoring and access of your account on the go. The mobile apps are easy to use as far as I have discovered.

Well, the above are just part of the services that I have discovered based on my experience which might be slightly different from other users. This is just my review.

What have been your experience with Luno services so far? 

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