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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Moon Cash Faucet Has Moved To A New Domain

Mining through fascinating micro-payments gateways such as Coinpot and Faucethub has been interesting and rewarding just like I intoduced in one of my earlier post about how to get free high paying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoincash easily without paying a dime to anyone. If you want to read more, kindly read click here.

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One of the prominent and highly paying coin Bitcoincash we have been getting for free through Coinpot has moved to new domain . This development was made known by Coinpot through a broadcast on their official website as seen in the image below.
Bitcoincash Fauceting- DigitalCashout Blog

Some people have been complaining about their inability to access the MoonCash site in order to claim their accumulated satoshi but now they can conveniently do so by clicking here to go to the new website for MoonCash Faucet.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

How to Transfer Your Coins from Coinpot to Faucethub

One of the keys to financial liberation is to have working and reliable multiple sources of income regardless of your current financial positions. Ever wonder how the world billionaires made it to where they are today, it was because they were smart and never relied on a SINGLE source of income. You have to diversify and be strategic so as to take calculated risk.

When it comes to trending online opportunities, cryptocurrency is one of them as more people are made millionaires on a daily basis through their careful investment and trading in cryptocurrencies. To know more about cryptocurrencies, kindly read Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

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In one of my earlier post, I discussed how to transfer your free coins from Faucethub to Coinpot but today I will be discussing extensively how to transfer your coins from Coinpot micro-wallet to Faucethub micro-wallet successfully. I will be discussing the procedures one after the other.
To get started, you must be fully registered on both Coinpot and Faucethub as we will be dealing with the two micro-wallets.

Log into your Faucethub account and under your dashboard, go to the DEPOSIT section, you will see the lists of all the available coins. Click on the particular coin you want your coin from Coinpot to be sent to i.

The coin you want to transfer must be the same, let’s say you want to send Bitcoin from your Coinpot to Faucethub. Under the Bitcoin column, you will see GENERATE A WALLET ADDRESS, click on it and a wallet address will be generated for Bitcoin. Copy the wallet generated wallet address.

Now, log into your Coinpot micro-wallet account, since Bitcoin is our example, click on the dropdown list of Bitcoin, click on withdraw and you will be taken to a withdraw page. On the page, PASTE the earlier copied Bitcoin GENERATED WALLET ADDRESS into the long box and it will turn green to show that the wallet address you pasted is truly a BTC wallet. The next thing to do is to input the amount of BTC you want to withdraw. You can do this by inputting the digit inside the second small box or you can click on the MAXIMUM AMOUNT which the system will calculate for you especially if you want to withdraw all your BTC. After you have set the amount you want to withdraw, enter your password in the password section, proceed and confirm you are not a robot and finally click on WITHDRAW.

Remember that you must have withdrawable amount of BTC before your request will be granted. To know the amount of coins you can withdraw from Coinpot, read Minimum Withdrawable Amount of Bitcoin and Others Coins FromCoinpot.

Note: Once you submit the withdraw request, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email that you used to set up your Coinpot account. Go to email, click on the confirmation. After then, be expecting the amount of coin to reflect in your Faucet BTC wallet within 48hours.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

How To Transfer A Coin From Faucethub to Coinpot for Easy Conversion

Mining through Coinpot and Faucethub micro wallets has been a getting way of getting free cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dash, Ethreum, Bitcore, Potcoin, Dogecoin and so much more. If you are new to this and want to learn how to get these coins for free without paying anything to anyone, I recommend you read,

 Get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash,BitcoinCash & Dogecoin for Free Through Mining

 Coinpot is a micro-wallet that enables the conversion of one coin to another and this is good for those who are aiming towards achieving a coin on time by converting other coins to the particular coin they desire to have on time. For example, converting all coins to Litecoin so as to reach 1ltc within a short period of time.

Therefore, today, I will be teaching you step by step on how to transfer a coin from Faucethub micro-wallet to Coinpot so that you can convert easily within your Coinpot micro-wallet account.
However, I believe you must have been registered on both micro wallets but if not, for Faucethub account registration click here and for Coinpot registration click here.

We will be moving from Coinpot to Faucethub and vice versa.


Log into your Coinpot account, click on the particular coin you want to transfer your coin from Faucethub into. For instance, click on Litecoin, under the coin you have clicked, you will see, Deposit, Withdraw, Convert and Mine. Now click on Deposit and it will take you to a page where you will see a Litecoin Deposit Address generated for you. Copy the wallet address somewhere safe.


Now we proceed to Faucethub account, log into your account, on your dashboard, click on Wallet Address, as this is where you will need to add the external wallet address you want your coin to be transferred to once you have reached a withdrawable amount. Since we are transferring to Coinpot, you will see a box labeled Link a New Address, paste the Litecoin Wallet Address you copied earlier from your Coinpot into the box (as we have been using Litecoin as our example), click on the box beside it labeled Currency, click on the drop-down list and pick Litecoin, the click on the Link This Address. It will automatically link the new wallet address to your account.


You can now go back to the Withdraw section on your dashboard, click on Litecoin as that  is the coin you want to withdraw , input the amount you want to withdraw, click on Submit Withdraw Request. You should be expecting your Litecoin to reflect inside your Coinpot account which you can convert to any other coin you desire.

Remember you can monitor the processing of your withdraw request under the dashboard of the particular coin.

To know about how to use Faucethub to get free coins click here

Note: It may take 24hrs or more before your request is processed after submitting the withdraw request.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mining Through Faucethub To Get More Bitcoin & Other Coins

This post is a continuation of mining which I extensively discussed before but if you are new to cryptocurrencies as a beginner, click here and understand what cryptocurrencies are all about.

For those who are new to mining or do no understand what mining means at all and why people are mining cryptocurrencies all over the world, I recommend you click here on how to get started

First of all, you need to understand that Faucethub is similar to Coinpot as they are both microwallets for keeping coins before they are transferred to external wallets but it has a lot of sites to mine and all coins mined will be credited into your Faucethub account. Follow the registration process to get started by going to Faucethub Official Website
Just click on skip ad button at the top-right of your screen and proceed to the registration page. Kindly follow the registration procedure.

Mining with Faucethub sites increases your chances of making your coin bigger and Faucethub presently supports ten coins and they have plans to accommodate more coins in the future.

In fact, it has a lot of sites but you have to be extra careful as most do not do what they portray on their sites. So I'll be dropping verified sites that I have taken my time to research on.

But, there's something that needs to be done. Coinpot needs only your email to mine but in Faucethub, you will need to create wallet addresses inside the Faucethub as these are wallets addresses that you will be using to mine in various sites.

For example, to mine bitcoin from a faucet site, you will create a bitcoin wallet and you will be writing it on the site, complete the exercise and claim your coins that will be sent to your faucet account.

To create wallet for each coin, log into your Faucethub account, go to the section that says DEPOSIT, click on it, you will see all the 10 coins, under each coin, you will see a link that says generate a wallet address, click on it and it will generate a wallet address for that particular coin


Repeat the same procedure for all the coins.

ADVICE: What I did was that, immediately I generated all the wallet addresses, I copied them all into my (Word document app) and save it. So anytime I enter any of those sites and I want to mine, I will just go to my word app and copy the address and complete the exercise and finally claim my coins.

So I don't need to log in to my Faucethub account to get my wallet address as I have already copied them.

For those that have registered successfully and created wallet address for each coin on Faucethub, you can start mining on these sites:

Once you click on each below links, click on the SKIP AD button that will displayed at the top-right corner on your screen, you will directed to mining sites for coin.

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Click here





DashCoin - 
Click here




Click here

High Paying Sites
Click here 
Click here 

There are so many sites that gives coins directly into your Faucethub account which I will be uploading as I discover.
The more you mine consistently, the faster your coins will increase which you can sell immediately or keep and sell later.

Happy Mining!
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Minimum Withdrawable Amount of Bitcoin & Other Coins from Coinpot

Recently. I introduced a detailed procedure on how to get free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Dash and Dogecoin for free as you do not need to pay anyone for anything neither do you need to download any pdf.
However, if you are yet to learn about the detailed and well explained process of getting these coins for free, I will suggest you click on How to Get Free Bitcoin and Others

For those who have been mining and getting the coins for free, these are the minimum withdrawable amount for each of the coin. What this mean is that you can start withdrawing each of coin from amount listed below in to your external wallet which you can use to sell your coin and make money.

You can get your external wallets for each coin by downloading Coinomi app from Google Playstore. I have been using it for sometime and it has been serving me well or you can gte any other wallet to keep your coins.

You have to keep this at the back of your mind as you are mining but I will recommend you mine above the listed below thresholds so as to get meaningful and sellable amount of coins.

Bitcoin           0.00025
Litecoin         0.002
Dash               0.0002
Doge               50.0
Bitcoincash    0.0001

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I will also advice you to set a target for the mining. If it is Litecoin you want to direct your energy to as to get 1ltc withing a short period of time , do that and remember you can always convert any of your coin to another so as up with the target you set for yourself.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Get Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash,BitcoinCash & Dogecoin for Free Through Mining

There is no doubt about the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Dash Bitcoincash has made so many people millionaires over the last few months with the global increase in price of these digital assets. If you are new to cyrptocurrencies, read Introduction to Cyrptocurrencies for better understanding of the crypto world.
People have been making money through the buying and selling of these coins. Some buy at cheap rate and later sell at high rate and make extra profit. Some also buy and hold for some time, maybe one or two years for the coin to appreciate more and sell at very high price.
For example, a single bitcoin December, 2017 sold for $20,000 for 1btc and it still has the capacity to increase more than that as well as the other coins.

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What I will be teaching you today is how to make extra money by mining of cryptocurrencies for free. All you need is just your phone or PC, your usual data and patience.

Note that this is not a Get Rich Quick Method as it takes time for the mined coins to be accumulated into sell-able coins and it takes consistency as you need to keep mining daily so as to reach a target you must have set for yourself.

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Benefits of Free Mining

* Zero Investment
* Zero Risk
* Free Earnings
With this mining, you do not have to worry about buying cryptocurrenciesas everything is for free.
Just carefully follow the following procedures to start making money through cryptocurrency.

This method of mining involves visiting some sites (harmless sites as they do not compromise the security of your device) , completing very simple captchas and you will be rewarded with free coins which will be going directly into your Coinpot.
We will be talking about two micro-wallets but we will take one first which is Coinpot.  

Coinpot is a micro-wallet wallet that you can use to hold your coins and later withdraw from it once you have reached a withdrawal able level.This is where your earnings will be deposit.

Go to coinpot.co to register with a valid email and confirm the registration link that will be sent your email. Once you do that, log in to your coinpot account with that same email address and make sure to keep your password safe to avoid illegal and unauthorized transfer or withdrawal of your coin.
Once you register, your dashboard will look like this-

All the coins will read 0.00000000 till you start claiming from the listed below sites for each of the five coins available under Coinpot.

Now to start claiming free coins, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoincash, Dogecoin, Litecoin.

Click on the following links and LOGIN/REGISTER with same COINPOT email where require.

You can also check the Minimum Withdrawable Amount of Bitcoin from Coinpot


-To mine free BITCOIN from "MOONBIT" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link  
-To mine free BITCOIN from "BITFUN" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use this link   
Click here
-To mine free BITCOIN from "BONUS BITCOIN" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use this link  and make sure you claim this one every 15minutes 

NOTE: Mining bitcoin from above site at same time into your COINPOT ACCOUNT gives you the privilege to triple your bitcoin growth rapidly

 To mine free LITECOIN from "MOONLITE" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

 -To mine free DOGECOIN from "MOONDOGE" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

 -To mine free DASHCOIN from "MOONDASH" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link

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 -To mine free DASHCOIN from "MOONDASH" using your COINPOT ACCOUNT EMAIL use the link 

Please note that all claimed coins will be going directly into your Coinpot Account. 

You can always visit Coinmarket to see each coin and its latest price on global exchange.

Happy Mining!!!
Feel free to drop your comments.

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