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Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr

Creating a Gig on Fiverr

 After joining and setting up a profile on Fiverr, (Read this article on how to set up an account on Fiver) the next thing to do is to set up a gig.

 A Gig is actually the service is your offering to your prospective buyers. It is that special skill that you must be certain to excellently project when the demand comes in for it. It may be writing , graphics designing, copy writing, researching, video editing, programming, logo designing and so on.

Your accomplishment or failure on Fiverr actually starts from you Gig Title.

The screenshot below illustrates how a gig looks like.

This is one of the most important stages. Before you write your gig title, you must do your research regarding KEY WORDS commonly used, especially by Super SELLERS.

Example of Keywords
1. I will "professionally" edit your ....
2. I will "critically" proofread ....
3. I will "speedily" transcribe...

Please note : Key words differ by niches.
So, research your gig title key words thoroughly.

Writing Gig Description

Many bad sellers fail because of their GIG DESCRIPTION. Even if you have a well researched GIG TITLE, if you don't follow it up with an awesome description, you will not make anything.

Again, because you are new to this, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN WRITE A PERFECT GIG DESCRIPTION WITHOUT RESEARCH. You MUST look at the way others in your niche are writing theirs. Look at the Super Sellers as well as New Arrivals like yourself.
The importance and technicalities in gig description cannot be over-stated. Fiverr has provided all the necessary tools you need to write an attractive description
This part MUST INCLUDE :
1. A convincing piece about your capability. You strive to write in such a way that says "My life depends on this gig" . Meaning, write to convince a buyer. Why the buyer should order your gig. Buyers want to have some sort of insurance. They want assurance. They want to know they can trust you. So make them believe they can.
2. Tell them what gig is about in CLEAR TERMS
3. Avoid typos
4. Make everything short and sweet

Below is an example of a gig description

When complete your order and buyer accepts the job, Fiverr takes 10% while you pocket 90%.

So, in this case, you will be paid $4 wile $1 goes to Fiverr.

So, when you write your description (after thorough research), put your basic gig at $5.

Can you make more than $5? Yes, you can.

You can make more can $5 by offering GIG EXTRAs.

You basic gig IS NOT expected to be a TOTAL PACKAGE.


For example,

For a SOCIAL MEDIA GIG e.g Facebook fan page likes.

Your basic gig could be "I will give your page real 1000 likes for $5
Gig Extra 1 = i will add 2000 likes for extra $10
GIg Extra 2 = i will add 4000 likes for $15

Do not write your basic : I will give your fan page 5000 real likes

Remember we are still discussing CREATING A GIG? If you have not been following please read for the beginning.

TAGS are another essentials if you want to make sales fast on Fiverr. Fiverr uses ALGORITHM that re-arranges sellers on its pages by the second. Even SUPER SELLERS get knocked off the top slots of the first page. This is what the ALGORITHM does. So, imagine you, a NEW ARRIVAL, with poorly arranged TAGS. It will be difficult to make the first page, let alone sell anything in 6months. So, TAGS are very important.

In order to know the appropriate tag for your gig, you have to cary out a research. TAGS are directly linked to KEYWORDS BUYERS SEARCH FOR on Fiverr. These keywords differ, based on the gig. Take for instance, a gig in Writing. I researched on all the types of gigs related to this topic. I found the following keywords
1. Article
2. Editing
3. Proofreading
4.Creative writing

Pick any of these (not less than tags allowed) and use it.

P.S Never forget you METADATA....very similar to TAGS in function. METADATA are provided by Fiverr. All you need do is to tick the one that best suits your gig.
See the munch below.

Now that we've discussed Gig title, Gig Description, Profile writing, Metadata, Tags.The next thing is a nice pic for your gig as this would be visible to buyers that wants to buy your gig.

Get a very suitable pic and ensure it is related to what your gig is describing.

Making a video of your gig is an added advantage to get quick sales if you can take the risk and you can easily get this from a professional on Fiverr for $5.

Also remember to pick convenient days you can successfully complete an order as failure to abide by the agreed number of days between you and the buyer may lead to bad reviews from the buyer  which is bad for business.

Compare Gig Packages

 When you are creating a gig, it is known as a basic package, however, Fiverr has given the chance to present a single gig in two more packages. This will increase your chance of making sales as well giving your buyers the opportunity of picking the package that suit their purpose.

After setting up your gig, that is publishing it, make sure you are always online ( Download Fiverr Mobile App from Google Playstore) to always respond to enquiries and the buyers request section regularly to submit offers and you can start making your sales and cool cash.

Remember that the keys to a successful journey on Fiverr is be consistent, treat your buyers right, always visit the buyers request regularly and take your Gig serious.

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